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Here are some of our recent testimonials and case studies. I hope you are inspired by them. If you are, schedule an introductory meeting with me! You can conveniently do so here. Alternatively, call me on +44 7444 045 759.

Testimonial - Improved communications

As a small team we have been working together for years. You think you know how colleagues work, how they think, react and why they behave in their own specific way.

It didn’t feel right lately. I noticed that communication did not always go smoothly and that we did not always understand each other well. Thanks to Enneagram coach Eugenio Leijten we have got to know ourselves and each other better. As a result, we understand better that each person is different, responds differently and often needs to be approached differently.

We have very good memories of the sessions. We notice that there is less tension, that the team has received new energy and new impetus!

Otto S

Testimonial - Business Strategy

I invited Eugenio to consult with me and my fellow Directors to help us determine options and possible business strategies for our software company. Eugenio brought very good insight and experience to our particular set of issues and was quickly able to see where attention could be better focused and diversionary issues should be dropped. His input on the strategic picture was complemented by his experience and understanding of the practical day-to-day challenges. In particular his insight and empathy for the human dynamics in the business meant his observations and recommendations for our direction had greater authority and relevance. I would strongly recommend Eugenio as an experienced and insightful business advisor.

John S

Case Study - Sales Training

Car Dealership

In the company’s drive to strive for ultimate customer satisfaction, Eugenio was brought in to work with its sales team including the sales manager. It had been noted that the team of six sales people generally had one way of approaching and dealing with customers, yet each sales person did it differently. It was suggested that by properly structured interaction with clients visiting the showroom, sales execs would be able to understand their clients’ motivations much better.
The result of the coaching work was that sales executives were able to improve their style of communication and adopt an appropriate narrative depending on the type of client. Horses for courses! The work that was done over one week resulted in better online reviews, considerable sales increases and fewer complaints. The company has decided for Eugenio to do similar work with its customer facing service team.

Case Study - Executive and Team Coaching

Consumer Goods Wholesale

Although the two owners/directors had been working together successfully for well over ten years, lately one of the directors was spending more and more time away from the business. This started to cause considerable friction which in turn had a detrimental affect on the partnership and twenty employees. The product ranges had not been well received for some time which impacted sales. Profit margins began to suffer and subsequently the business booked a loss for the first time in seven years.

Eugenio was brought in by one of the partners. Within the very first meeting it became quite clear that irritation between the directors had to be addressed first. Both directors and team leaders entered into a coaching program to make each aware of their own behaviours and that of others. Irritation went and understanding of people’s idiosyncrasies became more and more apparent. A new business operating system was implemented. It involves setting clear, achievable and measurable goals in such a way that teams work cohesively and all pointing in the right direction.

Although the company started working with Eugenio only six months ago, the change in business culture and improvement of communication between directors and their teams is already very encouraging. Two team members left two months ago since they could not identify with the new culture in the company. A replacement has been found for one team member. Both directors agreed on this hiring unanimously and it turns out that this latest recruit fits in perfectly with the company’s new found enthusiasm and direction.

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