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We enable people in organisations to be more effective through the understanding of motivations and behaviours.

Building teams

Just as each person has a specific personality type, so do teams. Your team’s style of interaction, how it reaches solutions, designs products and marketing, and the way it presents itself to the world is influenced by all the members in the team. Each team member contributes their individual skill set, based on their vocational training, development and experiences.

Our method of business executives coaching and team building starts with understanding the individual team members, and giving them insight into their motivation and behaviour. These team building activities often include management.

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Creating awareness and understanding

People’s actions mostly reflect their core motivations. For example, people who strive to do things well and who have a strong moral compass are likely to put time and effort into a project in a bid to get it right. In the Enneagram, this is usually a Type 1 personality, though every personality type has its own strengths.

So just imagine if everyone in a team could understand their own and others’ motivations? When they do, that’s when team building becomes a powerful tool to outperform competitors.

Identifying individual strengths

Successful business teams are built when people do work that motivates them naturally. For someone writing manuals, it’s important to be precise and accurate; a receptionist needs to be helpful and patient; a salesperson should have excellent people skills. Doing a personality types test could assist in identifying individual motivators and strengths in order to harness these.

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Crafting unity from diversity

To function optimally, a team needs a range of personal qualities. These include, amongst others: leadership, accuracy, service, empathy, drive, creativity, loyalty, balance, safe practices, enthusiasm and vision.

TEAM-WORK.PRO is a coaching company ready to help you assess the dynamics at play in your teams and where these dynamics originate, through engagement with individual team members. This enables us to chart the personality types present in the team, and assess if there are areas that are over or under represented for optimal team building.

Developing EQ with Enneagram Learning

The Enneagram is the framework we use to encourage EQ development.  Emotional Quotient is the capability of individuals to recognise their own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, use emotional information to guide thinking and behaviour, and manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one’s goal(s). The Enneagram is a clear structure that helps people identify their dominant personality type, or Enneagram type, and so better understand their unconscious motivation to in turn make sense of their behaviour. Rather than simplistically boxing people into their type, the Enneagram provides powerful guidance for growth. This is what makes the Enneagram unique when compared to other systems, such as Meyer-Briggs.

We have developed valuable Enneagram Learning programmes for you to enjoy and serve as the first step in EQ development.

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Team building activities

Consider an outing to the scenic Blackdowns countryside, where your team can immerse themselves in an enriching programme while learning to better understand themselves and their work colleagues. Participants will leave refreshed and with a new skill set that will positively impact every aspect of their lives, including team dynamics. This then translates into a motivated, energized team and sustainable growth for your business.

When it comes to team building activities, there are few more magical or inspiring places to retreat to than the Blackdown Hills in Somerset. It’s an official Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so the team building activities we offer differ dramatically from going paint balling or go karting. A TEAM-WORK.PRO team building activity will have lasting impact and provide a quantifiable return on investment. Just remember to bring along walking boots and waterproof jackets when you come.

Tailor made for you

If you believe our unique style of team building activities can benefit your business, we will compile a programme to suit your specific needs. You could also consider hosting this event at your business premises or in a completely different part of the country. Linking our team building and coaching exercise with another activity is also an option, though our principle aims will always be observed.

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TEAM-WORK.PRO is based in Otterford, a tiny hamlet in the beautiful Blackdown Hills, South West Somerset. We do business consulting, executives coaching and teambuilding activities for clients all over the South West and beyond. This includes Exeter, Taunton, Bridgwater, Bristol, Wells and Frome. 

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