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Team Building in a unique location…

TEAM-WORK.PRO is located in the Blackdown Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This peaceful and energising venue will undoubtedly inspire focused performance and enhanced team collaboration. Whichever team building option you choose, the experience will leave a lasting positive impact on your team. Please contact us to discuss the option best suited to your specific needs and available budget.

Team insight through the Enneagram

Growth happens through greater interpersonal awareness and cohesive team dynamics. Improving overall communication and creating a clear understanding is at the heart of all our coaching work. TEAM-WORK.PRO, through the Enneagram framework, assists your team to confidently realise your organisation’s vision and goals in an inclusive and sustainable way.

By understanding the conflict and social styles of the team members, we will help them to collaborate effectively and so drive both personal and team performance.

Team of people

Outstanding venues to host your team building event

Lakeview Manor

Lakeview Manor

Lakeview Manor, Dunkeswell 

The Pig at Combe

The Pig

The Pig, Gittisham, Devon

Otterhead House

Otterhead House

Otterhead House, Churchinford

Venue of your choice wherever the location

Another option for you is to choose your own outstanding venue. We can accomodate team building events anywhere providing the location is conducive to the results you wish to achieve.

The Team Building Process

TEAM-WORK.PRO follows a well proven process in its work with teams.

Step 1 – Enneagram introduction team session

Duration: 180 Minutes

The objective of this group session is for each team member to get a clear understanding of the different personality types within the Enneagram framework and how the Enneagram helps in terms of personal growth. 

What is covered:

  • The three centres of intelligence
  • The nine Enneagram types
  • More on the head, heart and gut centres
  • Harmonic Triad
  • Hornevian Triad
  • Sub Types: Self Preservation, One-to-One and Social
  • Questions and answers

Growth for the types through the Enneagram’s:

  • Wings
  • The connecting lines of the Enneagram

Step 2 – Enneagram team member coaching

Duration: 60 Minutes

The team member will have completed the Integrative9 iEQ Enneagram Personality Type Test prior to the coaching session. He or she will be presented with their personalised report and the coaching session will assess if the designated type indeed resonates with the team member.

Particular attention is given to how the team member experiences the dynamics of the team, how he or she fits in and whether there are stress issues. If the Team Building Event is hosted by TEAM-WORK.PRO, coaching sessions are likely to take place prior to the event.


Step 3 – Enneagram team type presentation

Duration: 120 Minutes

The Integrative9 iEQ Team Report is presented, discussed and analysed. This is where the real work starts! The team itself has a “personality type” alongside the differing types of each individual team member. We will examine how these interact and then apply Enneagram wisdom to show how conflict and social styles impact the group dynamic. Exercises will take place with the aim of showing how team members interact through typical ‘type’ behaviour and, more importantly, how the interaction takes place with higher levels of integration of the different types.

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TEAM-WORK.PRO is based in Otterford, a tiny hamlet in the beautiful Blackdown Hills, South West Somerset. We do business consulting, executives coaching and teambuilding activities for clients all over the South West and beyond. This includes Exeter, Taunton, Bridgwater, Bristol, Wells and Frome. 

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