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Zoom’s share price has increased by a phenomenal 286% since the start of 2020.

The ability of people picking up non verbal communication has probably decreased to a similar extend and this adversely affects team dynamics.

If anything, people have shown an extraordinary amount of resilience throughout this unprecedented time of change.

Suddenly businesses were faced with a situation where certainties evaporated in front of their eyes. All those spreadsheets showing forecasts and “if…then” equations were rendered utterly meaningless. For some organisations the task at hand and disappearance of their market was simply too overwhelming and unsustainable. Unfortunately, for many

Teams had to physically disband and get used to meeting virtually.

The ability to meet virtually has been extremely useful and will continue to be so but it also is not a substitute for physical meetings in all cases since non verbal expression is a large part of people interactions.

For most teams, the lack of effective communication lies at the heart of issues. So perhaps now is a good time to evaluate what team dynamics are like. To what degree has it suffered? How do your team members feel in terms of vulnerability in terms of job security and longer term prospects within the team. Working from home may be a positive thing for team members but does it benefit the team’s direction, cohesiveness and does it contribute to effectiveness of accomplishment of the team’s mission?

Getting a handle on these issues right now allows you to decide what the best action is to take.

We invite SMEs to take the test, free of charge. Invite stakeholders to take part too which would give you an even better snapshot and share this blog with your connections who value positive team dynamics.

Have your team's dynamics taken a nosedive?

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