Two frameworks, one progressive direction.

We use two established frameworks in our work with organisations. It takes care of both people and business oriented approaches to provide your business with a complete coaching and mentoring service to achieve remarkable results in which both people and organisations grow! Exponentially!

The Enneagram, takes care of EQ. A person’s EQ is a measure of their interpersonal and communication skills. EQ is an abbreviation for ’emotional quotient’.

EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, takes care of business processes. It provides a simple set of concepts and practical tools to run a business, pragmatically.

The combination of these frameworks in our work with executives, boards of directors and teams provides organisations with powerful tools that deliver lasting, progressive, valuable and sustainable change.

Enneagram Circle


The Enneagram is a framework of nine inter connected personality types. The types are based on people’s motivations which often result in a pattern of behaviour. The objective of the Enneagram is twofold; to become aware of one’s and others’ type and to find growth through connections to the other eight types within the Enneagram.

TEAM-WORK.PRO  uses the Enneagram as opposed to, for example, Myers-Briggs since the Enneagram is a framework for growth rather than pure identification of personality types and is an ideal system around which to coach executives and teams in organisations.

Just like people, teams also have a type depending on the dominant types of its members. Enneagram work in teams identify imbalances that can often be counter productive. Careful coaching and mentoring result in better performance and everyone pointing in the right direction.


Entreprise Operating System ®

Enterprise Operating System ® is an ideal companion to the Enneagram framework since its goals include for all stakeholders in an enterprise to be aware of where the business is heading. Each step is documented and measurable and provides for a pragmatic way of running the business and executing tasks in a timely fashion.

Implementing the EOS® framework in your organisation starts by defining its vision, core values, uniqueness, processes and ensuring that all people within the organisation are aware of what is contained in the vision document (VTO).

Companies operating EOS® maintain an organisational chart that includes roles and responsibilities that is clear, complete, and constantly updated to everyone. EOS® is a system that that is open and honest and and promotes a high level of trust.


Talk to us about the Enneagram and EOS® today!

Both frameworks are powerful tools that when deployed, will see a sea change in any organisation or business. Call Eugenio now on +44 7444 045 759 for further information, or alternatively, schedule an introductory meeting here, it’s FREE of charge!

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