Areas of coaching and mentoring expertise.


Troubling team dynamics

This ranges from two owner/directors not getting along as well as they used to, to teams that have been allowed to become dysfunctional. Appropriate frameworks are deployed to overcome misunderstandings and mis communication. Understanding peoples’ motivations lies at the heart of the sustainable coaching solutions I offer.

Businesses losing their way

Loss of focus is an all too common occurrence resulting in lost business, low morale, potentially with severe implications. Markets are changing along with customer demands. Staying alert and devising and maintaining a clear plan are of paramount importance. I help by examining your business’ operating systems and help fine tune it whilst enabling you to measure progress at every step of the way.

Sales Training

Our sales training is focussed around understanding customers’ motivations and communicating in a manner that best suits the customer’s type. Wherever I go, I find that the vast majority of sales people use a one size fit all approach. Every clock that stands still is correct twice a day. What would happen to your sales figures if your sales people were to be able to understand their customers?


How many times do projects fail because effective communication within and between teams has simply been poor? Your business isn’t alone in being able to improve on this. Through a combination of examining your business’ operating systems and people dynamics we can guarantee that positive change will occur.

Relationship issues

Whether you have a platonic or loving relationship go sour, the effects are always surrounded by sadness. I can’t make you love your partner or your partner love you. What I can do is to explore awareness with you both of your and your partner’s motivations and associated behaviours. Understanding these, goes a long way to building bridges, even saving your relationship.


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