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Micro Enneagram Personality Type Test

This test is based on the Riso-Hudson Quest Sorting Test. This test will help you narrow down the possibilities for your type in less than five minutes with about 70 percent accuracy. Once you have made your selection, we shall send you the result by e-mail. 

The next step for you will be to find out whether the type indeed resonates with you. We have several options for you in this respect. We can also offer you two further test options to narrow down the possibilities even further.

© Riso- Hudson QUEST

Select one paragraph in each of the following two groups of statements (A,B or C and K,L or M) that best reflects your general attitudes and behaviours, as you have been most of your life.

You do not have to agree completely with every word or statement in the paragraph you select! You may agree with only 80 to 90 percent of a particular paragraph and still select that paragraph over the other two in the group. However, you should agree with the general tone and overall “philosophy” of the paragraph you select. You will probably disagree with some part of each of the paragraphs. Do not reject a paragraph because of a single word or phrase! Again, look at the overall picture.

Do not overanalyse your choices. Select the paragraph that your “gut feeling” says is the right one for you, even though you may not agree with 100 percent of it. The general thrust and feeling of the paragraph as a whole is more important than individual elements of it. Go with your intuition.


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