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Coaching with TEAM-WORK PRO means rapid, marked and positive change to help you achieve your life and professional goals. It starts with you setting your goals before exploring potential blockages that may stand in the way. We challenge and encourage you in a supportive manner. You’re allowed the space to achieve profound change in attitudes, behaviours and your general style of communicating to help you reach your goals sustainably.


The benefit of coaching with TWP is that you are likely to see fast and sustainable improvements and positive results. TWP’s approach is all about participation, exploring and learning. What is learnt can be put into practice immediately. Next, we explore how these changes are helping you or whether they require tweaking.

The process is all about you; your issues and how you can best address them. Since coaching takes place over an extended period of time, it means you will continue to be challenged and encouraged to work on improvements. The more you practice, the better you will get at automatic change and improve your behaviour, attitude and communication.

The benefits of personal coaching include:

  • General improvement of your performance in achieving your targets and goals.
  • You will become more open to learning and developing.
  • An increased ability to find solutions to personal and work related issues.
  • Increased sense of responsibility of and for yourself
  • Increase self awareness
  • Improvement of attitude to self and others, skills and behaviour.
  • Development of clarity in objectives and roles you play in that process.
  • Opportunity to address behavioural and performance issues.

The benefits of coaching to an organisation include:

  • Make better use of people’s talents and potential.
  • Underlines your commitment towards your team and their development.
  • Improvement of your team’s productivity, performance and sense of belonging.
  • Stimulates creativity, knowledge and learning.
  • Motivates stakeholders.
  • Facilitates the adaptation of change of corporate culture and management styles.
  • Improves relationships between people and teams.


Meet in person, via Skype or Facetime

In-Person, via Skype or Facetime

Being coached by TEAM-WORK PRO is convenient, because we coach in personal meetings at our address in Woudsend or at your address, but also via FaceTime and Skype or a combination thereof. The choice is yours!

Schedule your appointment

Schedule an appointment

TEAM-WORK PRO lets you conveniently schedule your coaching sessions yourself on-line. So there is no need to call and compare calendars first. Use the buttons below. You can also simply call of course! +31 6 22 82 84 96

Potential areas of concern


Every personality type has its own style of face-to-face, verbal or written communication. We all communicate from our own perspective rather than considering those we are communicating with and the desired result of the communication. TWP can help you find effective ways to communicate and help you reach your professional and personal goals more effectively.

Decision making

Every day we make numerous decisions that have a lesser or greater impact both in our personal and business life. From time to time, you may find yourself struggling to make your final decision for numerous reasons. TWP can help you look at what influences your mental and emotional state and thereby identify unconscious patterns that trigger your reactions or drive you.


Conflicts can cause distrust and fear. Unless it is dealt with effectively, it’ll cost negative energy, stifles innovation, motivation and leads to further issues. TWP can help you analyse the conflict and find solutions and strategies as to how to solve them and move forward in a positive manner. A thorough knowledge of each personality type within a team goes a long way in resolving and preventing conflict.


Customers have different personalities which influences their motivations to buy. One sales approach does not suit all your customers. That applies to your marketing efforts also.. How you approach your clients and how that is received depends on the personalities of both parties. Consideration of different strategies for more effective communication and marketing towards the different personality types will have an important influence on the effectiveness of your sales pitch and therefore the profitability of your organisation. TWP can help you on your way!


Sales are the beating heart of your organisation. Often the effectiveness of your sales team isn’t as good as it should be. Lost sales cost fortunes and immediately affect your bottom line. How effective is your sales team? Are they as motivated as you would like them to be? Do you think there’s room for improvement? Great sales efforts start with a well balanced team. TWP can help you find balance and help you ascertain whether the right attitudes and people are in the right place.

Human Resources

Is absenteeism too high in your organisation? Is your team in a rut? Poor cooperation within teams? Attitude issues? These are phenomena that aren’t unusual but are certainly undesirable. These need to be addressed! TWP is specialised in such situations and can help you in analysing and addressing these issues in a structured and proven manner.


Whilst you’re running your organisation, there are lots of developments and innovations taking place. Perhaps the software you currently use is more outdated than what you thought. With TWP’s years of experience in software development, we are able to help you to make your organisation more efficient by helping to find and implement new software applications.


Entrepreneurs can feel challenged from time to time, especially in difficult times, where it may feel like your business is not progressing. Or you just want to discuss your ideas with someone, with business acumen, but not necessarily directly involved in your business. At TWP we can provide exactly that – a listening ear, business knowledge and we help you work through achieving your desired goals.


Communication is everywhere! Even when nothing is actually said! Today, it is essential that you communicate clearly. Team-Work.Pro can help you communicate more effectively and clearly making sure the message is received by everyone.


When did you last analyse your business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? This process takes time and effort and perhaps you could benefit from guidance in structuring the process properly to end up with a coherent overview.

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