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The enneagram is a description of the human psyche that is mainly understood and taught as a typology of nine interrelated personality types. Each personality type has its own specific motivations and behavioural patterns. The Enneagram is a rich resource that consists of a number of aspects such as the nine Enneagram main types, the triads, social styles, harmonious groups, wings, instinct variants, development levels and connecting lines that as a whole offer a rich perspective for personal development.

By identifying the type you get clear insights and understanding of the style of communication, behavior, motivations, pitfalls and motives of the Enneagram types. Applying the enneagram framework in coaching and organizational policy leads to sustainable positive development of the people, teams and organizations in the whole. The identification of the type forms a basis for self-knowledge and the viewing of potential processes that bring about a better balance.

In business contexts, the Enneagram is generally used as a typology to gain insight into the interpersonal dynamics of the workplace. Today the enneagram is just as relevant as when it was first introduced in the Netherlands. It goes far beyond labeling someone with a personality type number. It is the framework that TWP uses in coaching, communication, marketing, HR, management and sales in order to be able to use energy in relationships with better effect.

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