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During Lockdown


During lockdown, as advised by the UK government, all coaching undertaken takes place via Zoom. As lockdown measures change, we shall adopt our practice accordingly.

For further information, please call Eugenio on +44 7444 045 759.


Affected by COVID-19?


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic touches us all socially and economically. How are you coping? Are you taking a relaxed attitude or are you full of fear? Do you have financial reserves that will see you through or do you think this pandemic could potentially be devastating to you and your family or your business?

We may not have all the answers right now since the pandemic is still developing and the legislative landscape may change accordingly.

Perhaps this is a good time to sit down and consider options and since no man is an island, you may well benefit from a listening ear. With years of experience in personal development and business, TEAM-WORK.PRO may well be a source to help you through these difficult times, even if it is just to kick some ideas about.

Especially now, TEAM-WORK.PRO conducts its meetings with clients on-line in a private virtual conference space which is easy to establish directly in your PC’s or Mac’s browser. Although based in Somerset, England, you can reach out to us from anywhere in the world.

We always offer a “getting to know each other” one half hour session totally free of charge and without any obligations. It allows you to see whether we are compatible and find out what we can do to help you in a structured manner. For more information, get in touch with us.

Furthermore, people over the age of 70 are asked by the UK government to self isolate. Some people in this age group may be vulnerable during this time and therefore we dedicate 30% of our time to providing a listening ear free of charge. So if you have anyone in your social sphere who is 70 or over, get them to contact us!

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