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Business Development Framework

Business Development Framework

These are the three 120° sections of the full circle our method is based on. Each 120° section is supported by specific supporting documents and overviews that are uncomplicated yet hand you a powerful means to get your business problems sorted and back to growing again.


Values & Vision

Total clarity on values and vision must be at the core of your business. If anyone asks any member of your management team about the values and vision of your business, how likely is it that each one is going to give a slightly different answer? Unless you’ve done the hard work, it is likely that at best each member of your management team has its own spin on it, at worst each tells a different story.

To get to your goals, be it what you want to achieve with your business or the actual level of service you offer your clients, everyone must sing from the same hymn sheet and in the right tone. Living your values and vision has to be the top priority.

Too many businesses aren’t clear about its values and visions and TEAM-WORK.PRO helps define those and help you and your team live them through pragmatic approaches and putting in place simple means of measuring performance against goals set to help take the emotion out of running the business.

Business Development Framework


Roles & People

As your business grows, so will your management team and the teams reporting to each manager. Examining the actual roles, structure and its effectiveness need to be scrutinised regularly. Are the roles (as per job specification related to each role) that are assigned effective and congruent with your values and vision? If “we do what we promise” is in your values, a customer satisfaction manager may just be the kind of role you need to have in place.

Roles are one thing. How is the role executed by the actual human being in that role? What are his values and motivations and are these fully aligned with your business’ values and vision? TEAM-WORK.PRO is a business coach first and foremost and we have the capability to not only coach your business but also has the skills and wherewithal to deal with the human aspect enabling you to ascertain whether a specific role is occupied by the person most suited to that role. Square pegs in round holes must be addressed and through our application of Enneagram theory and ontological coaching practices, we can help the entrepreneur achieve the best fit possible.

Business Development Framework


Process & Action

Every business does different things and each does things differently. Some are more efficient than others and some are more capable of consistent quality in execution and delivery of services and product than others. A top priority is consistency and quality of execution. That is why business must put in place clearly defined processes for the things that are to be done. Is there a set process for following up sales leads who have registered on-line? What is the order fulfilment process like? Are these processes efficient, cost effective and do these processes add value to the client?

TEAM-WORK.PRO helps with a clear set of tools and instructions to map and scrutinise the processes and making them measurable. If you can’t measure something, you don’t know whether the action you undertake and the energy you expend in a specific issue proves to be worthwhile or not.

Business Development Framework

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