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When running your

business is no longer

any fun… 



We help business rediscover itself.

And make it grow.

Problems requiring a solution.

People problems – my management team is becoming dysfunctional, people appear to go in different directions.

My business’ values and vision aren’t clear nor ‘lived’ consistently throughout my business.

My business is running me instead of me running it, and I’m not getting the results I’m hoping for.

My business is stagnant – how to move it beyond the turnover level and profitability I currently enjoy?

The pandemic is having a devastating effect on my business.

Profitability problems – losing relevance in the market place, not being able to achieve margins I used to achieve.

Whatever I try, nothing seems to work, nothing appears to work.

Business Development Framework that works. Every time.

Business Development Framework

We are available to help you find solutions and to work with you methodically to discover your values and vision, look at the roles and people in your organisation and the processes and actions you and your team undertake to achieve the vision of the business.

These are the three 120° sections of the full circle our method is based on. Each 120° section is supported by specific supporting documents and overviews that are uncomplicated yet hand you a powerful means to get your business back to growing again.

Sixty minute free consultation.


You are offered a free sixty minute consultation in which we get to know each other and to see whether we are compatible in bringing lasting and sustainable change to your business. Our aim is for you and your business to grow, be more profitable and for all associates in your business to adhere to processes and actions and fully understand and ‘live’ your values and vision. During the meeting, we explain and share the methods, supporting documents and overviews we deploy for every 120° section of our system so that you get to understand the process fully which enables you to easily come to a decision whether to work with TEAM-WORK.PRO and affect sustainable change for a prosperous future.


Our consultants have many years of first hand experience in running successful companies that have lived challenges just like yours. Whether your turnover is £500K or £10 Million, you are in good hands with TEAM-WORK.PRO to turn your business around and get back to growth.


TEAM-WORK.PRO takes a hollistic approach to business coaching. We understand business and offer you a clear set of tools that will provide sustainable change. But first and foremost; we understand people, their values, motivations and behaviour, enabling you to make changes last.

Our values

We do the morally right thing, every time.

We serve you with best practices.

We are not greedy.

Problem solving

The word ‘problem’ is used with an intention to solve it. Any problem for that matter will have a solution. Problems get solved, issues may linger. In our business coaching practice we believe language is important and we use its full syntax to get to the bottom of problems and help you solve them.

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