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TEAM-WORK.PRO founder, Eugenio Leijten, came to England from the Netherlands in the early eighties to join Clarks Shoes’ graduate scheme. By the age of 27, he was leading a subsidiary of a German shoe manufacturer. Then, in the mid-nineties, Eugenio started his own company developing and providing software and services for the shoe and apparel retail industry. This business was later sold to a stock market listed company. Since gaining coaching accreditation in 2015, Eugenio has been a business coach to both leaders and companies and helped them to reach their potential and goals. His keen, analytical mind enables him to quickly get to the core of challenging issues – and help clients find practical solutions.

Eugenio has also successfully completed 24 ICF CCEU’s of coach specific training in the Ontological Coaching & Leadership in Action Course. All eleven Core International Coach Federation Competencies were covered in the program.

The Enneagram came to Eugenio by chance, at precisely the time it was most needed – and it does so for many. Following extensive studies, international Enneagram conferences, workshops and interactions with renowned Enneagram specialists such as Russ Hudson, Ginger Lapid Bogda, Dirk Cloete and Beatrice Chesnut, he achieved Integrative9 accreditation as an Enneagram practitioner in 2015. The real power of the Enneagram, however, is to enable transformation; away from ego fixations and towards understanding and growth. Eugenio uses the Enneagram in the coaching work he does with teams and executives, with remarkable positive results.

These solutions are drawn from a foundation of:

  • Understanding the issues at hand
  • Supportiveness and balance
  • Strength and compassion
  • Discretion at every stage
  • Enthusiasm for a forward trajectory
  • Correctness and accuracy
  • Achieving objectives
  • Creativity in suggested options

An initial consultation is free of charge and without any obligations. Day and hourly rates for executive coaching and team building activities are available on request.

Eugenio dedicates about 10% of his time to charitable work and offers a significantly reduced rate on coaching for those with limited means.

Team building work often requires more than one coach. Hence, TEAM-WORK.PRO works in collaboration with highly experienced coaches from Integrative9, thereby retaining the essence of our work whatever the complexity or team size.

If you have already worked with TEAM-WORK.PRO and would like to leave a review, you can do so here. To see reviews from clients, please click here.

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