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A story told brilliantly of a wonderful journey from ego to essence.

Once in a while, for no apparent reason at all, you bump into something that makes you stop and think. That happened to me last night. My brother sent me a WhatsApp message suggesting I should watch “A beautiful day in the neighborhood”.  It’s a film about Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood which was a children’s educational program in the USA which started in 1968 and ran for no less than 895 episodes.

The role of Fred McFeely Rogers is played by Tom Hanks in a masterly fashion.

So why did it make me stop and think? My work with the Enneagram constantly reminds me of two things; ego and what we tell ourselves what is important and essence which actually is what is truly important. I’m not suggesting that Fred Rogers is some demi god which he himself has made quite clear as he tells of how he deals with anger and frustration. This story is really about the transformation Lloyd Vogel (a copywriter for Esquire magazine) undergoes, moving from ego into essence and is so well told that it touched my heart and soul.

A beautiful day in the neighborhood is available on Amazon. Watch the trailer below!



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