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Sars-CoV-2 warnings in stores

How compliant are you and how do others show up?

So shops selling non-essential items are re-opening here in the UK today. In order for them to act responsibly around CoV-Sars-2, they are taking measures such as displaying stickers on the floors of their stores.

Thinking of the Enneagram in its entirety, which Personality Types are the most, and which ones the least likely to adhere to such instructions and why? How do the types react to those that don’t adhere to the rules? This is what we’re going to explore all of this week.

We’re looking for input from anyone who knows their type and of course from learned Enneagram specialists. But in particular, we invite anyone who is interested in learning from the wisdom that the Enneagram provides.
As the week goes on, we shall add to this blog post, so please revisit this post again.
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