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The only time that’s truly relevant is the ‘here and now’. So, have a look at the 22 things dying people wish they had done differently. Some of their wishes may resonate with you and whilst you’re still alive and kicking, now is the time to do something about it. Perhaps it’s time consider making peace with relatives you’ve fallen out with, or a friend. Perhaps it would be an idea to write a letter to someone you really love. Perhaps you ought to make time to actually go and see an older relative you haven’t seen in years.

We have prepared a list for you in which you can tick the wishes of dying people that resonate with you and on which you can write your intended actions. Most of the 22 are really quite profound and not so simple. Perhaps you want some help in figuring out what is actually important to you. At TEAM-WORK.PRO we would be honoured and delighted to help you look at these things carefully and coach you towards discovering these things through the lens of the Enneagram and more importantly, help you achieving your goals. You can schedule a call with Eugenio which is free of charge or indeed learn about how the Enneagram can help you in your quest,

22 Things dying people wish they had done differently

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