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The benefit of coaching with TWP is that you are likely to see fast and sustainable improvements and positive results. TWP’s approach is all about participation, exploring and learning. What is learnt can be put into practice immediately. Next, we explore how these changes are helping you or whether they require tweaking.

The process is all about you; your issues and how you can best address them. Since coaching takes place over an extended period of time, it means you will continue to be challenged and encouraged to work on improvements. The more you practice, the better you will get at automatic change and improve your behaviour, attitude and communication.

The benefits of personal coaching include:

  • General improvement of your performance in achieving your targets and goals.
  • You will become more open to learning and developing.
  • An increased ability to find solutions to personal and work related issues.
  • Increased sense of responsibility of and for yourself
  • Increase self awareness
  • Improvement of attitude to self and others, skills and behaviour.
  • Development of clarity in objectives and roles you play in that process.
  • Opportunity to address behavioural and performance issues.

The benefits of coaching to an organisation include:

  • Make better use of people’s talents and potential.
  • Underlines your commitment towards your team and their development.
  • Improvement of your team’s productivity, performance and sense of belonging.
  • Stimulates creativity, knowledge and learning.
  • Motivates stakeholders.
  • Facilitates the adaptation of change of corporate culture and management styles.
  • Improves relationships between people and teams.

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