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Two powerful business

coaching frameworks

for lasting, sustainable

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We help business regain its purpose and determination whilst empowering the people working within it.


Entrepreneurs organise and manage their businesses with considerable initiative, passion and risk based on a vision and perceived business opportunity. The year 2020 is showing us that the best prepared and carefully considered profit and loss prediction on a spreadsheet can become obsolete and utterly meaningless in the blink of an eye.

Business interruptions or ‘Black Swan Events’, such as the pandemic, require entrepreneurs to access all their senses to find a way through adversity and uncertainty. Adverse and uncertain market conditions evidently affect the future prospects of the business. Uncertainty equally affects all of the people in the organisation.

Enneagram Circle

We coach business through two well defined and proven frameworks. The one takes care of the human factor and EQ (Emotional Quotient). It makes sense of people’s values, motivations and behaviours. We access this framework, the Enneagram, in all our coaching work with leaders, entrepreneurs, teams and individual team members to identify individuals’ values and motivations and then to explore the paths to personal growth offered within the Enneagram through the interconnectedness of all the nine personality types.

Business Development Framework

The other is a framework for organising the business, the factual element, in which we address the three 120° segments of the full circle namely: Values & Vision, Roles & People and Process & Action. Each segment has its own set of tools to energise, organise, manage and grow the business. Within this framework, TEAM-WORK.PRO combines theories and practices gained over forty years of first hand experience in running SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises).

Thus in short; we take a hollistic approach to coaching business by addressing and emphasising  EQ of people on the one hand and the ‘facts of business’ on the other.

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TEAM-WORK.PRO is based in Otterford, a tiny hamlet in the beautiful Blackdown Hills, South West Somerset. We do business consulting, executives coaching and teambuilding activities for clients all over the South West and beyond. This includes Exeter, Taunton, Bridgwater, Bristol, Wells and Frome. 

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