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My name is Eugenio Leijten and work as coach for leaders and teams in organisations drawing on many years of first hand experience in leading successful international businesses as well my study of – and huge interest in – the Enneagram.

I take a no-nonsense approach to coaching to help you define and achieve your goals quickly and sustainably; what you learn will benefit you for many years to come in your capacity as a leader in organisations and private life.

Since selling my IT business to a stock market listed company, I gained my accredited Enneagram Practitioner status for individuals and teams and have been coaching many leaders and teams successfully since.

Success is a choice!

My belief is that to be successful is a choice you make and that personality and ego can often stand in the way of success. We can hold on too long to what we know and what is familiar. Breaking away from old visions and habits can open a whole new world with new possibilities. I am ideally placed to help you confront your business issues and your personal style to help you explore whether what you think, feel and do is relevant and suited for the challenges you face.

One size doesn’t fit all!

Not one leader or team is the same which means that as a coach, I adopt different strategies and ways of structuring the coaching programme to make best use of your time and investment. As with all my clients, my aim is for you to discover the answers to your issues yourself; I merely help lead you to them.

Meeting without obligation.

Finding a good coach you can trust, respect and kick ideas around with is of paramount importance. Therefore, before deciding on your coaching path, we would meet over a cup of coffee or some lunch to see whether we’re compatible and whether we both feel comfortable with each other. If that is the case then we progress by defining, discussing and starting the coaching process and the techniques and framework used to best address your specific requirements.

Easily start your coaching journey with TEAM-WORK PRO!

Meet in person, via Skype or Facetime

In-Person, via Skype or Facetime

Being coached by TEAM-WORK PRO is convenient, because we coach in personal meetings at our address in Otterford near Taunton or at your address, but also via FaceTime and Skype or a combination thereof. The choice is yours!

Schedule your appointment

Schedule an appointment

TEAM-WORK PRO lets you conveniently schedule your coaching sessions yourself on-line. So there is no need to call and compare calendars first. Use the buttons below. You can also simply call of course! +31 6 22 82 84 96

1 Church Barton
United Kingdom

Mobile: +44 7444 045 759






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